Fazenda sequóia

More than 4 decades of excellency in specialty coffees.

View of one of the plantations of Fazenda Sequóia.

Care that guarantees a above average flavor

Besides the privileged altitude, Fazenda Sequóia has a complete structure. We value every step of cultivating quality coffee. Processes are closely monitored, improving the flavor of each harvest.


Fazenda Sequóia

Minas Plateau

The exceptional altitude of our lands inspires the highest quality of cherry coffee. We are located in the highest region of Minas Gerais plateau, between the Cerrado and the Atlantic Forest - the ideal climatic range for specialty coffees.

In this extension, where you can reach by car or by plane, 53 farmlands originate differentiated terroirs. In search of a characteristic and high quality flavor, we cultivate several varieties of coffees - unique species, accompanied with affection since the planting.