A coffee that preserves the flavor, the environment and the local community.

Affection and continuous training

More than 100 employees receive successive and specialized training to ensure the best practices of coffee cultivation - always preserving nature and respecting the local community.

Step of drying the grains after harvesting at Fazenda Sequóia.

Detail of the mature coffee bean in one of the farmhouses of the Fazenda Sequóia.

Certified sustainable practices

Much of the special flavor comes from the surrounding nature, which should be repaid. We have a much larger preservation area than production area - a practice certified by the Rainforest Alliance, BSCA (Brazil Specialty Coffee Association) and UTZ - stamps dedicated to conserving biodiversity, the well-being of workers and the sustainability of natural resources.

Certificado - Rainforest Certificado - UTZ Certificado- BSCA